Oscillating tube of water.

See waves in a real life example with an oscillating tube of water! Modify the slider to change the initial displacement (or amplitude).

Later, check the desmos below to see how your changes to gravity and initial displacement affect the model of a wave on a position-time graph.

Applying our knowledge to a real life example

This oscillating tube of water is given to have the following equation for acceleration $$a=\frac{-2gx}{l}$$ Since we know the general equation for acceleration, we can derive other variables $$ a=-\omega^2x \rightarrow -\omega^2 = \frac{-2gx}{l} \rightarrow \omega = \sqrt{\frac{2g}{l}}$$ Hence, we know the speed of the wave. This skill of connecting two formulas to find other variables is very powerful.